Community Engagement

As part of PHCC’s strategy   and in line with its commitment to its core values, PHCC is embarking on a shift towards a more “people-centered care (PCC)” culture.

Strong Partnerships with patients, families and communities:

PHCC’s aim is for a service delivery model that is person centered, with genuine and meaningful patient engagement and involvement.

What is People-Centered Care

People-Centered Care means putting people and their families at the center of decisions and seeing them as true partners, as team members, working with healthcare providers to provide the best services and get the best outcomes.

Patient-Centered Care happens in moments – small moments of human connection - that make all the difference. Patient Centered care is not always about taking more time – it’s about making the most of the few moments we have.

People-Centered Care is an approach to health care that:

Promotes communication, choices, respect, and building on our individual and collective strengths.

Leads to better health outcomes, wiser allocation of resources, and greater patient and family satisfaction.

PCC focuses on doing something WITH you (as client) and your family rather than doing something FOR you.

PCC is built on four fundamental values:

Dignity and respect

Information sharing

Partnership and participation


Upon identifying the criticality of working with patients and families to improve the quality and safety of patient care PHCC is trying to reach out to its patients to hear from them and work in partnership with them to ensure continuous improvement and patient satisfaction.

This can be best achieved by bringing the perspectives of patients and families directly into the planning, delivery, and evaluation of care.

PHCC has identified patient engagement as one of its strategic priorities and an integral aspect to achieving PHCC’s mission.

In order to foster a culture of person-centered care PHCC is committed to:

Promoting organization-wide engagement in people-centered care initiatives along with spreading and scaling them across PHCC

Respecting patients’ values and their cultural and personal preferences while delivering care

Considering patients and their loved ones as partners on the health care team care

Seeking to build long-term partnerships with patients and families at every phase of life care

Actively partnering with patients, families, employees, learners and volunteers, to achieve service excellence care

Friends of PHCC

As a PHCC friend, you will be invited to participate in different activities taking place at the Headquarter level.

Becoming a PHCC friend, you will be an agent of change influencing positive outcomes and improvements in PHCC, which would greatly impact the health & well-being of the whole community.

PHCC Patient & Family Advisory Group (PFAG)

The Patient & Family Advisory Group is a group of patients that closely work with PHCC’s leadership to ensure that patients’ voice is heard and that proper collaboration is taking place between patients and the organization at all levels of its operations. The identified patients and family members shall be engaged with leaders and other staff to foster and support the voice of PHCC’s clients and families in the design, delivery and evaluation of health services.

The members of this group have experienced care in PHCC and have shown the willingness to collaborate with health care providers in working on improvements and change. They are identified to be part of the PFAG in view of their capability and willingness to provide honest feedback and input about PHCC’s services they have used or continue to use.

On the whole, PFAG members will be given an opportunity to be part of meaningful change and make a contribution as well as to provide us with a fresh perspective on problems and create innovative solutions.

As one of the PFAG members, you will be invited to join PHCC team members to take part in different committee meetings and be involved in PHCC’s decision-making process that will directly or indirectly impact clients and families in PHCC. This group will serve as a platform for you not only to share your perspectives but also to discuss issues and concerns identified from your experience at PHCC, improvement suggestions etc. through your participation in multiple PHCC committees.

The PFAG will meet once every three months for one to two hours. The timing of the meetings will be agreed on with the members to ensure the most suitable timing for the majority.

Aside from the PFAG meetings, PFAG team members might be called to sit on specific committees that they find interesting and where they feel they can give valuable feedback.

A staff liaison will be appointed to coordinate all the activities related to the engagement of PHCC friends. They will be primarily responsible for building relationships with patient and families and act as a bridge, supporting full integration of the friends with PHCC teams. They are available for support by phone, email, or in person to answer any questions you have or to discuss your role and participation. The contact details of the staff liaison shall be provided to you soon.

Your partnership with PHCC as PFAG member requires to be based on mutual respect, trust, honesty, equity, dialogue and negotiation which will eventually lead to a successful engagement and results in better quality and health outcomes. Hence it is highly advisable to make sure your collaboration as a PFAG member should not turn into an opportunity to solely “vent” or share bad experiences with PHCC or certain staff. Personal stories about care can provide very meaningful feedback when shared in a constructive manner rather than a complaint. You are welcome to share your bad experiences or harm caused during the care delivery to give us learning opportunities to avoid the reoccurrence of such instances in future.

Moreover, feedbacks shared with the leadership will be addressed in line with organizational/strategic priorities. Your participation will enlighten PHCC on areas for improvement and will provide lessons for future growth.

You can choose to stop volunteering as a PFAG member at any time, although a commitment of at least six months is advisable to be able to witness the effect of the suggested improvement.

However, you may share with the staff liaison your wish to withdraw or reduce your participation at your convenience.

PHCC Health Centers Patients and Families Friends

A HC friend is someone who has volunteered to contribute to a positive change in PHCC services by sharing feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the services we provide at the level of the health center.

A HC friend needs to be registered at the HC and should have received health care him/herself, or has a family member who has received care in the past six months.

As a HC friend, your experiences are a powerful tool for inspiring change at our Health Center. By sharing your perspectives and working with staff and other patient and family, you can make a real difference.

As a HC friend, you will be called to attend the steering committee meetings at least once every quarter. Meetings will not take longer than two hours.

Aside from the steering committee meetings, you might also be called to attend additional meetings to work on quality improvement or to discuss specific activities

  • • Ability to see “big” picture
  • • Ability to see beyond personal experience and seek other patients’ insights
  • • Respect for diverse opinions
  • • Representative of the patients, families and members served by PHCC
  • • Good listener
  • • Patients and providers Willingness to share insights and experiences in ways that others can learn from
  • • Connect and works well with others
  • • The passion to improve the health care experience for all

Generally, people are more open to suggestions if they are shared in a thoughtful and compassionate manner. It may help others receive your suggestions if they see that you understand the challenges facing providers, as they try to change well-established practices.

  • • Be curious and learn about your team members:
  • 1- If possible, arrive a few minutes early and stay to talk with staff
  • 2- People like to talk about what they know – ask questions and listen attentively
  • • Listen for details about what matters to each member
  • • Use your “new eyes”: The team you are joining consists of co-workers who work together frequently and may have been working together for years. A key value of your presence is your “new eyes” – you see things in new ways and help PHCC staff see them too.
  • • Seek common ground: We all share the value of quality care. Everyone on the team wants to improve the health care experience at PHCC. Improvement work helps to re-energize team members and find renewed joy in their work.
  • • Be yourself and share your opinions: you are invited because we want to learn from you!

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