Ophthalmology Services

Primary Care Ophthalmology service encompass the provision of second contact care for all ophthalmic conditions and the follow up, preventive and rehabilitative care of selected ophthalmic conditions.

Scope of Service

Provide consultation, management and advice to patients presenting a wide variety of acute and chronic eye illnesses, injuries, functional, and physiological disorders of the eye, including its related structures and visual pathways.

Screening protocols and programs for diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.

Coordinate with school health section in screening program for refractive errors.

Supervise and guide PHCC optometrists in performing their duties

Providing consultation and advice to general/ family physicians in the management of ophthalmic cases in relation to their scope of practice.

Referral of ophthalmology patients to secondary/ tertiary care when needed.

Target Population / Patient

Patients of all ages and both genders presenting an eye or eye related conditions.

Type of Access

Only referral from FP or from school nurses.

Patient Self-referral


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