PHCCs Screening Programs Division

PHCC’s Screening Programs Division aims to reduce the burden of cancer in the State of Qatar whilst ensuring that where cancer services are required, they are among the best in the world to facilitate improved cancer outcomes.

The Screening Programs Division works on educating the society about cancer through numerous high-profile awareness campaigns emphasizing the importance of early detection, which is thought to increase the chance of successful treatment and overall cancer outcomes.

The Screening Program Division currently has two distinct service delivery areas, the first is handling all urgent and suspected cancer referrals from all PHCC Health Centers to Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) for further assessment, diagnosis and subsequent treatment and follow-up (if required). The second service delivery area is Cancer Screening, for which the Screening Program Division is currently delivering two National Cancer Screening Programs, Breast & Bowel Cancer, as well as an Opportunistic Cancer Screening Program for Cervical Cancer.

When cancer is suspected, a rapid and definitive diagnosis is needed to confirm or rule out the possibility of cancer and one of the National Cancer Strategy’s ambitious goals is to refer patients with suspected cancer on a 48-hour referral pathway. It is expected that a potential cancer patient is seen in a secondary care setting by a specialist within a 48-hour timeframe, and PHCCs Screening Programs Division plays a central role in achieving this ambitious national goal. Cancer treatment is mandated to be patient centered, utilizing the latest technology and providing appropriately trained physicians to ensure high quality treatment for the patient.

The National Breast Cancer Screening service is delivered from three PHCC Health Centers (Al-Wakra, Leabaib & Rowdah Al-Khail) which are augmented by a Mobile Screening Unit for those hard to reach geographical locations and is available to all women aged between 45 and 69 with no related symptoms. The Ministry of Public Health recommends that Breast Cancer Screening Services are offered every three years.

The National Bowel Cancer Screening Service is delivered from three PHCC Health Centers (Al-Wakra, Leabaib & Rowdah Al-Khail) and is available to all men and women aged between 50 and 74 with no related symptoms. Although the screening participants are invited to receive their screening information, guidance and kits from any one of the above three PHCC Health Centers, for participant convenience, all PHCC Health Centers have the ability to receive and process the returned screening kits. The Ministry of Public Health recommends that bowel cancer screening services are offered every year.

The CPD also runs a dedicated Cancer Screening Call Center to handle the invitation process for the above two National Cancer Screening Programs and subsequent follow-up. The invitation process itself is supported by the Screening Program Division running regular Promotion & Awareness Marketing Campaigns across Qatar.

Participants can access the Breast and Bowel Screening services through:

Invitation from our dedicated breast and bowel cancer screening Call center 8001112

Physician referral

Self-referral by calling the call center number 8001112 directly

The Opportunistic Cervical Cancer Screening Service is delivered at all PHCC Health Centers and is available to all women aged between 21 and 69 with no related symptoms. The test is done at 3 years interval for women aged 21-49 years old and at 5 years interval for women aged 50 -69 years.

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