SMART Health Checks

Scope of Service

The SMART Health Check-up Service supports PHCC health care providers to identify early if an individual has a disease or condition and assess their risk of developing health problems, which can then be managed by the individual’s family medicine team.

The service is provided across two visits: Visit 1: The “SMART Check Assessment Appointment” with a Nurse Visit 2: The “SMART Check Consultation Appointment” with a Physician

At the assessment appointment the nurse will take vital signs and complete the SMART Health Assessment Questionnaire (Personal, Family, Social History, Mental Health and Cancer Screening Assessment). Clients will then be directed to the laboratory to provide a blood sample.

At the follow up SMART Consultation” appointment, the family medicine physician will review the information captured in the health check assessment form and the results of the laboratory tests. Based on the findings the client will be provided with personalized advice and support and if needed, referral into PHCC’s preventative care services, such as the wellness service.

Target Population / Patient

Registered Qatari patients aged 18 and above; excluding pregnant women and those with known NCDs.

Other information

The service will be expanded to the wider population in 2020.

Type of Access

Patient "Self-referral"

Patient Self-referral


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