Bowel Cancer Screening

PHCC is offering a population-based screening to all eligible target population that are invited to routine screening at a specific screening interval. Bowel Cancer Screening Service is provided to the target population by performing a FIT kit test which is used to detect the occult blood in the stool. In case of any abnormal test result, participant is referred to HMC for further assessment.

Scope of Service

The Bowel Cancer Screening program is being conducted under Qatar’s National Cancer Program and in accordance with the Qatar National Health Strategy 2011-2016, which aims to reduce the burden of cancer in the State of Qatar whilst ensuring that where cancer services are required, they are among the best in the world to facilitate improved cancer outcomes.

Target Population / Patient

Men and women aged between 50 and 74 with no related symptoms.

Other information

The Ministry of Public Health recommends that bowel cancer screening services are offered every 2 year.

Type of Access

Participants can access the Bowel Screening services through

  • Invitation from our dedicated breast and bowel cancer screening Call center 8001112
  • Physician referral
  • Self-referral by calling the call center number 8001112 directly

Patient Self-referral


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